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    Mass Mailer and Opti Servers has become the number 1 choice for all your email marketing needs. After 14 years of Email Marketing and providers of VPS servers there are only a handful of firms that know how to setup and prepare a server to meet the requirements of most major ISPs email providers and achieve high in box delivery.

    Did you know that email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined? That is a whopping 2.9 billion.

    In fact, if you imagine a full cup of rice is the number of emails sent every day, then by comparison, all the daily posts on Facebook would make a miserable 10 grains—barely enough to pick up with a chopstick. And all the tweets sent every day would be a measly 4 grains. In fact, Facebook and Twitter combined make up just 0.2% of the number of emails sent each day.

    By the same token, every web search made on every search engine every day equals just 1/100th of daily email traffic; and all the pages viewed on the entire web each day—including images and videos—use only a quarter of the bandwidth consumed by email.

    At Mass Mailer understand and know what requirements are needed for good inbox delivery; from SPF records, setting up Domain Keys, and registering server IPs for best delivery.

    Why Mass Mailer?

    Mass Mailer is Easy to use - Mass Mailer Features Email Message Customization - Mass Mailer Cleans Your Lists
    Mass Mailer Shows Amazing Stats - Mass Mailer Rotates Sending IPs - Mass Mailer Includes Auto responder
    Mass Mailer Manages Your Lists - Mass Mailer Allows Exclude Filters - Mass Mailer Allows Multi Campaign Sending
    Mass Mailer Rotates Subjects - Mass Mailer No Programming Opt-out System - Mass Mailer Direct or SMTP Sending
    and FREE SETUP!

    Packed with More Powerful Features:

    Mass Mailer Free Install and Setup
    Mass Mailer Rotating IPs
    Mass Mailer Rotating Subjects
    Mass Mailer Unlimited Groups
    Mass Mailer Fast List Upload
    Mass Mailer Upload Unlimited Emails
    Mass Mailer Automatic List Cleaning
    Mass Mailer Auto One click Opt Out Link
    Mass Mailer Open Stats
    Mass Mailer Click Thru Stats
    Mass Mailer Auto Responder System
    Mass Mailer Scheduled Sending
    Mass Mailer Click Thru Stats
    Mass Mailer Auto Responder System
    Mass Mailer Scheduled Sending
    Mass Mailer Send HTML Or Text
    Mass Mailer Easy HTML Editor
    Mass Mailer New IPs Each Month

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